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Homemade organic board butter is super easy to make and smells fantastic. You need only two ingredients and a few minutes time. Find the full story on

My cutting board which I purchased alongside a good knife is one of my most loved kitchen items. To be fair, I wish it was a little bit bigger and didn’t have that annoying grove on the edge, on the other hand it fit perfectly in my little kitchen in my first apartment. I absolutely enjoy taking care of those great staples that I have invested some money in. I always wipe down my board immediately after using it and dry it by hand. Regularly, I used to just slather some coconut oil on it. But not any more because I have found something better.

Maybe you have already seen this photo I have posted on my Instagram account? I’ve made myself a little tub of homemade board butter. I wish you could smell it through the screen because it’s absolutely divine. It comes close to the beautiful smell of a beeswax candle if that helps at all. The beauty is, that this takes a few minutes only and you really just need two proper ingredients. The first ingredient is an oil of your choice. I recommend you use something stable that has a pleasant smell and that you don’t mind touching your food. Coconut oil is ideal. It’s easy to work with, relatively inexpensive and antibacterial as well. Aside from that you will need some beeswax. This helps to lock in the moisture in the wood. Make sure you use food grade beeswax because again – this will be touching your food. You may be able to pick some up at your local farmer’s market or even purchase it online. Blocks work fine (they are usually about 30 grams each) or you could use pellets or shavings. Beeswax is really hard so if you have a block and you need to cut it up be prepared to get a mini workout.

Homemade organic board butter is super easy to make and smells fantastic. You need only two ingredients and a few minutes time. Find the full story on

To minimise clean up I stuck a little glass jar that I had left over into a pot filled with a bit of water (hello there, double boiler). I added one stick of beeswax (30 grams) and about two tablespoons of coconut oil. Then, all you need to do is watch the oils melt while stirring them slowly. Be extra careful when removing this from the heat because you definitely don’t want to burn yourselves with hot, liquid oil.

The oil will be clear and quite dark yellow but as it cools it becomes lighter in colour and starts firming up. The higher the ratio of coconut oil to beeswax, the softer the board butter will be. You are aiming for a 2:1 or 3:1 approximately.

This morning after a leisurely breakfast I collected my cooking spoons, cutting board and rolling pins and started rubbing in the butter. You could use a cloth or your hands. My dad came downstairs to see what I was up to and asked if he could use some of this to rub on our furniture. Apparently, he used to own a tub of a wax and oil mix that he would put on our big antique cupboard. This one is really easy to make though so I promised him his very own bigger tub.

Homemade organic board butter is super easy to make and smells fantastic. You need only two ingredients and a few minutes time. Find the full story on

I absolutely enjoyed the process of making this and how clean it feels. I like the little jar sitting on my shelf and the great smell when I get it out to use it. Now I can’t wait to try myself at some homemade cosmetics or beeswax candles next. Ohh, the possibilities. Let me know if you have tried anything like this before or if you try making board butter how it goes!


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  • This is amazing! I love the idea of board butter; I don’t have a wooden cutting board myself but this is a great way to take care of it 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment Vivian! Board butter or variations of it are lovely, I use this specifically on my kitchen table, cutting boards and cooking spoons. But I recently got a lip balm that was essentially made up of the same ingredients – the coconut oil moisturises and the beeswax seals. Maybe give that a go if you are interested 🙂

    • Thanks Helena! Definitely give it a go. And make some that’s heavier on coconut oil for their lips and hands as well maybe, you could even add some (natural) pigment for a tiny hint of a tint? How old are your girls? Hope you enjoy it!