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Welcome to our gear page! Below we are listing a lot of the gear that we use for our favourite outdoor (and sometimes indoor) activities. There’s also a Bee’s Gear and a Roo’s Gear section for the gear used by Anna or Adam respectively where applicable. We will be adding to this page constantly and updating products as we find new favourites. Where possible we’ll link to the mentioned products, reviews, and coordinating blog posts. To see all of our gear reviews click here. Please note that some of the links below may be affiliate links. By using these links you are supporting Bee + Roo.

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Out of all of the activities we do, we probably go bouldering most often. You only need minimal equipment but get a great workout in, build strength, coordination, balance… You can make it as easy or as hard as you want. We have been bouldering indoors mostly and done some trad climbing outdoors. Find the climbing section a little bit further down.

Chalk bucket: Organic Climbing Lunch Bag → Fun and colourful bag for bouldering sessions for the two of us. Closes securely, stands upright on its own and features a brush holder and a zipper pocket.
Chalk: FrictionLabs Gorilla Grip (Chunky) → We recently converted to this stuff from using basic chalk balls.
Brush: Evolv Bouldering Brush
Handcare: ProBalm Puck



Shoes: La Sportiva Katana Laces → My new addition to step up my climbing game (literally). Review to follow.
Red Chili Spirit Lady VCR Shoe → A great entry level shoe that is easy to put on and take off thanks to its velcro closure. They stretch a little bit but have worked well for me indoors and outdoors.
Patagonia Venga Rock Pants → [Full Review] Very comfortable climbing trousers with additional adjustment at the waist. They run quite large though so beware.
Chalk bag: Moon Trad Chalk Bag → Great simple bag that closes very securely.


Shoes: Saltic Vampir
Marmot Mono Pants
Chalk bag: Moon Trad Chalk Bag


Trad + Sport Climbing

Below you can read what our climbing rack is made up of as well as our respective climbing and belaying gear that we have and use.

Climbing RopeTendon Smart 10mm x 50m Rope → Our first and only rope. Perfect in length for most English climbs we have done so far – whether it was in Portland or the Peaks. 
Rope bag: 
DMM Pitcher Rope Bag This bag not just holds our rope but also the rest of our rack for the hike in and out. The straps are not padded but the bag has an internal canvas which keeps the rope out of the dirt and makes it super easy to fold everything up and get going fast.
Cams: DMM Dragon 2 Cam Size 2, 3, 4
Nuts: Wild Country Rock 0, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1, 2, 3, 4 + Black Diamond Stopper 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 + DMM Torque Nut 1, 2, 3, 4
Nutbuster: Wild Country Pro Key → Well designed nutbuster which – thanks to its wiregate – easily attaches and detaches to your harness.
Quickdraws: Black Diamond Posiwire (x6)
Karabiners: DMM Aero Screwgate (x5) + Wild Country Synergy Lite + Wild Country Synergy HMS + DMM Spectre 2 Karabiner (x 6) + DMM Phantom Karabiner (x2) → A bit of a random selection of karabiners that we use to keep like items together and on the harness as well as for securing ourselves when climbing.
Slings: DMM Dyneema Sling Assorted lengths → Again a fairly random assortment of short and long lengths allowing us to make anchors and storing our rack in an organised way.


Climbing Shoes: Red Chili Spirit Lady VCR Shoe I use my indoor shoes outdoors and vice versa. These have now stretched enough to wear them for a few hours.
Approach shoes: Scarpa Zen Pro → Super comfortable approach shoes that work great on hikes or for a walk to the crag.
Patagonia Venga Rock Pants
Chalk bag: Moon Trad Chalk Bag 
Helmet: Petzl Elia The women’s specific version of the popular Elios helmet featuring small details that make it that extra bit more useful such as a gap for your pony tail. 
Harness: Black Diamond Primrose SA Climbing Harness → My first own non-rental harness and therefore also the most comfortable and fairly packable harness I have ever used.
Belay Device: Petzl Reverso 4 → A standard belay plate would have been perfectly sufficient but this piece works great.
Belay Karabiner: DMM Aero HMS KL Karabiner Standard screwgate karabiner to use together with my belay plate.


Shoes: Saltic Vampir
Marmot Mono Pants
Chalk bag: Moon Trad Chalk Bag
Helmet: Petzl Elios
Belay Device: Wild Country Variable Controller Belay Device
Self-braking belay device: Petzl Grigri
Belay Karabiner: Grivel Clepsydra Twin Gate HMS




When it comes to overnight trips we tend to prefer going tent-camping over bivvying. Currently, we only use the discontinued Force Ten tent which is a great 4-season tent and perfect for the two of us. On top of that we are looking into getting a three season tent that will hopefully be considerably lighter to give us the comfort of a tent without too much bulk.

Tent: Force Ten: Ion 2 → A great 3/4-season tent that’s fairly lightweight. Our next investment will be a much lighter weight 3-season tent.
Pegs: MSR Groundhog Tent Stakes → Super solid pegs that secure our tent in any weather and most grounds.
Stools: Robens Geographic High Stool → This for us is taking it into glamping territory. We have brought these a couple of times on trips where we also had access to a camper van or when we had plenty of space and a very short hike in.


Cooking in the Backcountry

By far the best investment for light and fast cooking in the backcountry has been our MSR WindBurner which we only use for boiling water. For one person this and a spork is all you need. Between the two of us, we like to add a couple of collapsible cups and sometimes an additional bowl depending on the food we are taking. Inside the windboiler you can even carry a small gas canister

We’ve experimented with making coffee in the WindBurner but found it to be quite messy as the coffee grounds stay in the bottom of the pot and need to be rinsed out – not ideal when you don’t carry too much water.

Stove: MSR WindBurner Stove System + MSR MicroRocket → Most of the time we just use the WindBurner as hot water tends to be all we need. But, when we are not going fast and light we sometimes pack a second stove and cookware system.
Cookware: MSR Trail Lite Duo System, MSR Alpine Spatula
Coffee maker: MSR WindBurner Coffee Press Kit Frankly not our favourite way of making coffee as this coffee press kit inevitably means that you will have to clean the WindBurner of any coffee dregs. We prefer to just have water in it and are playing around with other pour over coffee options.
Cups: Sea to Summit X-Mug One of the best backcountry “gadgets” has to be this collapsible mug. We both have one each and love it for hot drinks on the trail.
Fuel: MSR IsoPro
Ignitor: Piezo Ignitor We keep this in the MicroRocket storage box as it can ignite the flame needed for cooking with this.
Sporks: Sea to Summit Alphalite Spork This spork is super light and very stable. In the future we might consider carrying that extra bit more weight to have two cutlery pieces.


Food + Snacks on the Go

Chia Charge via Bee and Roo

What’s one of the most important things on any adventure? Staying well nourished of course! Food always fills up a solid chunk of our packs no matter where we go. The easiest way to fill up quickly is of course snack bars. We love ChiaCharge flapjacks and especially their seasonal collections but also like the slightly denser Clif bars a lot.

For cooked food when camping we are currently experimenting with home made or ready meals from the grocery store to cut costs. But, we also have a few tried and trusted boil in a bag meals.

Snack bars: ChiaCharge Flapjacks + Clif Bars
Camping Breakfast: MOMA Super Seeds Instant Porridge Sachets + Beyond the Beaten Track All Day Breakfast


Mobile Office + Tech Gear

Camera: Sony a7ii → The full frame camera that we take most of the blog photos with. It is a total game changer.
Lens: Sonnar T* FE 35mm F2.8 ZA → Our most packable travel lens for every day snapshots, backpacking and the likes.
Carry clip: PeakDesign Capture Camera Clip → Instead of carrying our camera on a strap we only use a clip which we use to securely attach the camera to our rucksack straps or belt.
Editing: Adobe Lightroom → Another game changer – we edit most of our photos for the blog and Instagram in Lightroom.
Action camera: Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 → The ultimate action camera and a very solid GoPro alternative. We like to believe it’s actually better than a GoPro as it is easier to navigate.
Powerbank: Anker PowerCore 10,000
Laptop: Apple MacBook Pro → We use the space grey touchbar model in a 13″ size which is light and perfect for the travelling lifestyle that we are living. It is easy to pack, fast and a real work horse.

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