Bee and Roo is a lifestyle and adventure blog by Anna and Adam. Our little Scandinavian inspired home at the British sea side doubles as our base camp: it's stuffed to the brim with outdoor gear, coffee making equipment, and books. From here, we set off on micro adventures, embark on travels, and share our photos and stories. 

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About anna

"I was born in Germany and spent most of my life living in Hungary, the US, Nigeria, Russia, and most recently the UK. I love exploring our coastline on my road bike but I am also a keen skier and have recently been introduced to scuba-diving, which I can't wait to do more of. I am not always out and exploring though! I'm an introvert at heart; I love just staying in, drinking a cup of tea (milk, no sugar) or a coffee (though I can't handle more than one) and reading a book. The only thing missing here is a real winter - my favourite season. But as long as I keep adventuring and exploring, I am happy."

About Adam

"I'm from the UK and have enjoyed traveling all over the world for work and play. I'm an experienced ski instructor and have spent winter seasons in France, Switzerland and Italy. I'm happiest when outdoors and consider myself to be a bit of a gear-nerd, having worked in various outdoor shops and currently as the Product Manager for Osprey Europe. I love getting out and sleeping under the stars, taking photos, reading, riding my bike or spending time at the bouldering wall, as well as making fancy coffee and eating banana-bread... toasted with butter, please!"

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why 'Bee and Roo'?
We're both not sure where the names came from but Anna's nickname for Adam is 'Roo' and Adam calls Anna 'Bee'. 

What about all of your gear?!
We do have a lot of outdoor gear: Our two-door hallway closet contains only technical fabrics (our "normal people" clothing is actually stuffed into the back of our wardrobe), the storage under our bed is full of camping equipment, base layers, climbing tools, ... . But we use almost every piece on a regular basis. We've been adding key pieces to our collection for years making sure that everything we own fulfils a purpose. However, we both prefer quality over quantity (yes, really) and therefore will have specific pieces for each of the activities we do. Luckily, we have met enough people over the years that we hardly ever have to buy anything at its actual RRP. Hopefully, our next home will have a bit more space so that we can have a single dedicated area for all of our kit. We'd love a gear room! For now, we just have a virtual one, check it out here!

How do you adventure/travel so much?
We get this question a lot and anyone who lives a similar lifestyle to ours will probably too. The answer is really quite simple: we choose to spend our free time exploring or being active. Most weeknights we'll either be bouldering, riding our bikes or doing some sort of physical activity. On weekends we often choose a local destination and explore that area. And finally, we save up our holidays for a couple of big trips each year: a skiing holiday, a dive trip, you name it. You probably won't find us tagging along on a package holiday or booking into an all-inclusive resort. Instead, we choose our activities, our destinations or hotels and go. 

I still have a question, can I get in touch?
Absolutely! Just shoot us a message via social media, in the blog comments or using our contact form