Have a Fun Weekend!

Have a Fun Weekend! via Bee and Roo (www.beeandroo.com)

How was your first week of 2018? After much back and forth (more about the details some other day), I've finally got my bike fully fitted. I'm only missing two screws before I can go ride the roads to nowhere. We've also had a bit of a detox. After stuffing our faces over the holidays we both felt that we needed a few days of simple, clean food to get back on the healthy bandwagon. It's felt so good! 

Photoshopping climbers out of images. Hilarious! 

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Zero waste dishwasher powder. I'll give this one a go soon

The entertainment during our last road trip. So funny!

Whiskey and Ginger: Adam's new favourite

Art for the outdoor lover

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Twenty Eighteen

Farleton Knott in December 2017 via Bee and Roo (www.beeandroo.com)

Happy new year! How fun to start a new year on a Monday. Even without new year‘s resolutions I like the clean slate. 2018 will be all sorts of crazy and I‘m expecting it to feel like a bit of a rollercoaster ride. Since planning anything at this stage is really difficult I just want to start the year with some goals and intentions. 

For 2018 I want to take things one day at a time. In a few short months I’ll be moving again so I want to make the most of the days I’ve got here. 

But we’ve also got big travel plans that need some planning. We’re likely to do some more smaller trips rather than flying somewhere far away at the end of the year.  

In 2017 I’ve fallen (back) in love with cycling, climbing, and yoga. This year I want to do more of all three. I’m especially excited to explore new roads on the bike and spending some long days on the saddle. 

And last but definitely not least I will be making an even greater effort to take care of this beautiful planet. 

48 and 49 / 52: Back to Reality

Singapore Marina Bay skyline at night via Bee and Roo.jpg

It's funny sometimes. We went on holiday and I had prepared some posts to go live while we were away. But then we got most of the way through on weak internet, made it back home, and reality caught up with me so I never posted anymore. Anyway, as you might have guessed by now, we are now back home in the UK. Our holiday was every bit as relaxing and wonderful as we hoped for it to be. We didn't even suffer through too much of a jetlag. The journey home was one long chain of various transportation methods: a horse cart, boat, overcrowded bus, small plane, big plane, car, another car. But 36 hours later we had made it half way around the world.

The week that followed was also full of exciting events. There were Christmas parties to be had and dinners with friends, a trip back up to London, and shopping for a mountain of gifts followed by wrapping them all. 

And that brings us to Sunday. Next week will be equally packed with fun and activities. Star Wars is coming out for one and then we're headed up to Winchester for a nice day out with family. You'll definitely hear from us before then though!

Gift Guide Part 3: For Coffee Nerds, Curry Lovers, Wine Connoisseurs, & Cookie Monsters

For the final part 3 of our gift guide we've got some gift ideas for foodies. I think you can never go wrong with food themed gift ideas! The best gifts, in my experience, are either experience gifts or items that someone might not splurge on themselves (experiences often do the same). They don't have to be expensive - just consider an artisan item rather than the supermarket own brand, let me give you some ideas: 

For at Home Chefs

Firstly, let's consider the at home chefs. Nothing beats good tools: Adam absolutely loves his Wüsthof knives and recently got a proper whetstone to sharpen them with. I could have unlimited amounts of cookbooks - just find something that matches their food preferences. 

If you don't know what to get, you could put together a little gift basket. But, instead of getting every day items, get slightly more unique ones: think artisan coffee, jams, honey, sauces, ... there are so many options out there, you could even make a lot of them yourself! 

Finally, there are the finishing touches: stemless wine glasses are on our wish list this Christmas, last year we got some beautiful chopping boards which we use on a daily basis. 

For Restaurant Lovers

If the person you are trying to find a gift for doesn't like to cook as much or maybe they do but they like a restaurant like experience, then these ideas are great:

A Curry kit has been one of my favourite gifts, but you could go for any other cuisine or even DIY kit or again make your own. They introduce you to a number of recipes and provide you with the essentials to make them: spices, tasting suggestions, instructions. Even a cooking course or a dinner voucher might be nice.

Consider what can be done at home to make it feel like you're going out? How about decanting a bottle of red wine, frothing the milk for the morning coffee, learning how to make a favourite cocktail? Or perhaps even having some candle sticks, linen napkins, or steak knives in the house. 

You don't want to get something just to clutter up their kitchen but if there is something they are fond of, then think of a little luxury that could add to the experience. 

Stocking Stuffers

Stocking stuffers that are homemade are great! Think board butter, or home baked biscuits. Less traditional ideas (think artisan splurges!) could be some Fleur De Sel (yum!), some fancy Bitters for the bar cart, a nice bottle opener or wine stopper, or perhaps even a card game that can be played at the dinner table. 

What are your ideas for those picky eaters and food lovers in your life?

P.S. Travel and adventure gift guides!

47 / 52: Finding Nemo


This week, as we’re on holiday, we’ve just got a photo update for you! We’re currently enjoying some much needed rest and recovery on the Gili Islands. One cold and three dives into our stay we’ve seen some stunning underwater worlds. For me especially there’s been a lot of firsts: clownfish, rays, turtles!  

We‘ve also learned how much of a difference it makes to dive with a five star PADI school, the equipment is almost brand new and being kept in very good shape. More about that soon though!  

Other than that, there’ll be one more gift guide coming up next week, we hope you’ll enjoy that. For now, we’re off to enjoy more of our break!