I'm the kind of person who, when I see an unrealistic story line in a movie trailer, disregards the entire story. But lately I've been experimenting with new genres outside of my comfort zone and so it happened that I was talked into picking up The Hobbit. First of all - before I start with my review of the book - I must say that I absolutely love Ed Sheeran's I See Fire. Isn't it just such a beautiful song? Anyway, I still haven't seen the film so let's focus on the book for now. The book The Hobbit is very much a children's story which came as a bit of a surprise to me. The writing is beautiful. J. R. R. Tolkien made me feel like I was a little girl curling up in bed during storytime, which was great. The story starts with an introduction to all the key characters, and while there are lots of them and I have a limited capacity for remembering names, they were introduced in a very charming manner. There is Bilbo Baggins, the hobbit, thirteen dwarves who all have very similar sounding names (this helps identifying them later on in the story) and Gandalf, the wizard. The entire group set off on an adventure - to find the dragon Smaug who is also the main antagonist. The book The Hobbit is also called There and Back Again - a very brief summary of the storyline.

One thing I especially liked was how Tolkien shaped his protagonist Bilbo Baggins throughout the book. Bilbo grew with his challenges, became ever more likeable and smarter. There is a lot to learn from this book, not just for younger children. Aside from the story, this particular cover was what actually made me buy the book. I got the pocket edition featuring a drawing of some of Middle-earth, the land in which The Hobbit is set. This is absolutely beautiful. This particular drawing is based on the original by Tolkien which was originally used for the book cover. Though, back then, red which is now used for the dragon and the sun was regarded to be too expensive - a funny little side fact.

I believe that if you haven't already read it, The Hobbit is a fantastic, easy read for adults. It's a well thought through story and I will definitely pick up at least the first book of the next trilogy to learn a bit more about the world that Tolkien has created. This book, in my opinion, is definitely a should read and I gave it a four out of five star rating on my Goodreads account as well.