I live by the saying "don't judge a book by its movie" but this time around I was very (!) positively surprised by the film! I read the book first and literally could not put it down. The Martian is a story about a NASA Mars mission that needs to be aborted. However, as the astronauts are boarding the ship to fly back to earth Mark Watney is hit by a piece of an antenna and his colleagues believe him dead. Fortunately, or unfortunately he is not. And when he wakes up he is alone on Mars. The only thing playing to his advantage is that he is a Botanist and has enough knowledge of engineering and science to create a survival plan.

There is a lot of Disco music - because that's some of the personal belongings the crew brought with them, a lot of sarcasm which I absolutely loved about this book, and some really good research. Some people said they were worried that this book would be all science and said they were skipping pages, but I think it is easy enough to understand without being a trained astronaut or Noble Prize Winner and it gives the story a certain depths. Others have commented on the language but one thing to consider is, that the book is basically a number of log entries that Watney records because he thinks that maybe one day someone will find them and will want to know what happened to him all alone on Mars.

The book has a bit more backstory and also picks up some themes that Hollywood wouldn't discuss in a movie like this. Like the idea of suicide. In the movie Mark Watney is also a bit more of a super hero. That is probably the only thing I disliked. While both book and movie are definitely a lough out loud experience, the book is more realistic in the very end while the movie takes a certain spin and finishes with a little bit more action.

Other than that though I think this was a fantastic adaptation and I definitely recommend you either see and read it. Maybe read it first if you like to, but do watch the movie as well! This one will make it on my list of best reads of this year and I gave it five stars on Goodreads.