This is How I Roll


In the spring of this month I decided to start running again after I hadn't laced up my trainers in probably well over a year. I signed up for the Nike Women's 10k but lacked serious motivation and wanted to bail out soon after. Fast forward a couple of weeks I found myself at the starting line in Victoria Park and - roughly 70 minutes later - at the finish line. I had done it! With this run came a massive runner's high. Fast forward past a second 10k (5 minutes better than the last) some fell running, some roads and some trails here we are: mid October. Yesterday I ran my first 15k in a few years and while this run was by now means amazing it certainly showed me just what my body was capable of and for that I am incredibly grateful. The week hat started out with a slow 5k which was quite hard on my body. A couple days later we ran a second 5k. Again in the dark but this time Strave refused to track my distance. Or, well, it tells me that I managed to cross the road in front of my house twice in 24 hour minutes. Not funny, Strava!

Sunday we decided to take full advantage of the weekend and drove over to Wimbledon Common. I love that park! It's full of trails, bridle paths, some hills, a few smaller lakes and lots of runners. It's real good fun. We parked the car and headed into the park, from there it went down hill for so long that I started worrying about having to make it back up to where we started. But it wasn't too bad as the way back up had a few flat plateaus. I played around with my form a bit as I am trying to fasten my leg turnover and land softer on my feet and snacked on some of my Tribe box snacks (review to follow! stay tuned!). All in all I certainly did not feel miserable. The 15.4 km distance wasn't my fastest run at an average pace of 6:49/km but I was very proud at the end. We were just running a few laps around a little patch of grass when the sun set and we were treated with an absolute stunner of a sunset (see above). This, my friends, is why running is such an amazing sport!

After our run we headed straight back home, blended up a protein shake and got ready to foam roll (you must have guessed it, this was how I rolled!). Picture this: there is my, cold and a bit tired sitting on the floor of my bed room in a sheep onesie (yes, you read that correctly) foam-rolling on Twitter. Yes, really. Ask the awesome guys from the @ukrunchat who declared this to be some of the rather odd gear that people get fit in! But that's okay, I roll in a sheep onesie.

All in all I finished of the week with around 21km of running (plus minus a little bit because of Strava). And that makes me really proud! Let me know how you roll on Twitter using the hashtag #thisishowiroll!