Have you heard of Tribe? They are a fairly young subscription box service offering a selection of healthy snacks for runners. You can get weekly, fortnightly and monthly boxes with snacks that are in the categories "pick-me-up" for energy, "sustain" for endurance, "plenish" for recovery, and "glow" for antioxidants. Recently, Tribe released the option of choosing the snacks you'd receive, making the experience more customisable. When I saw that I had to go and get my first box! Tribe was founded by avid runners and is based on the snacks they would pack for their runs in - for example - the Lake District (which is absolutely stunning!). Alongside a hand written "Welcome to Tribe" note from the co-founder Rob I got four Tribe snacks and one guest snack by Healthbox as well as a small booklet with some nutrition tips, a recipe a quote and some other bits and pieces. I received:

  • a Cacao & Almond Bar (pick-me-up),
  • the Scafell Trail Mix (sustain) which I took along on my long run last Sunday,
  • some Tamari Seeds (plenish),
  • some Organic Baobab (glow) which is great to add to smoothies, and
  • the Healthbox Peanut Protein (the guest snack) unfortunately crumbled up but still delicious.

Personally, I really like the idea of a healthy running snack subscription and I much prefer these snacks over sugary gels, blocks and the like. Everything is fresh and it makes a huge difference to eat real food and not jut sugared down gels, gus, blocks or beans. I am on a low carb diet but since I exercise I don't mind too much. The Scafell Trail Mix, for example, was mostly nuts and seeds mixed with a few Manuka Raisins. Enough for a little energy kick, but not too much to give you a serious insulin spike. On my 15k last week I had about 2/3 of this snack and that was plenty.

I do tend to make my own snacks, but fatbombs are a little bit trickier to take on a run with me so I as well tend to rely on nuts. I do want to experiment around a bit more and this box has offered some inspiration for that. Obviously, most of these snacks are pretty easy to make yourself, but who doesn't like a little treat every once in a while?

Tribe is affordable, and I got my first box for £1. Check out their website and their Twitter and you are bound to find a £1 to £2 deal. Would I become a regular subscriber? Maybe. The price is good, so is the quality and the serving size. The packaging and the little extras are a sweet touch and I just really like the team. Tribe, alongside these boxes, are involved in a great deal of events, they do runs every week, host races, talks, the like. For the moment I've still got a few leftovers from my last box but maybe when I finished those I will get my next one.

Tribe Runner Snack Subscription Box

Until then, I will leave you with this great quote that I found at the bottom of my box. It's from Christopher McDougall's book Born to Run, a fantastic read. A little tip! If you get bored on long runs and you don't want to listen to music try some podcasts or - as I did - audiobooks. Born to Run is a great example!

Have you tried Tribe or are you going to? Be sure to check out their upcoming trail 10K not too far from London if you are in the area. Also, let me know if you like the concept and the snacks.