Any skincare of beauty routine needs to be easy, contain natural ingredients and be fool proof. I don't have any skin concerns which I believe is down to a good diet. All I want is to keep my skin clean, glowing and protected from the elements. A few simple steps and some tried and trusted products is all it takes. My daily facial routine always starts with washing my face with warm water and soap. On my face I use an eye cream and a combination of a facial oil and a cream in the colder months. In summer I substitute the cream for a hydrating mist. The products below are all on my nightstand because I use them right before I slip under the covers and tend to let them sink in while I read a good book and get comfortable.

Skin Blossom Reviving Eye Cream (£5.95 for 15ml): This is a really basic product. I've not been willing to splurge on eye cream too much, because I find that dabbing a bit of the facial oil (coming up next) over this cream and onto my eye area works perfectly fine to make it a bit more substantial. After washing my skin this is my first step. The cream is pretty much scentless, easy to apply and one pump of product is all it takes.

Weleda Almond Soothing Facial Oil (£13.01 for 50ml): The packaging of Weleda products is not my favourite, but the products themselves work really well. I bought this bottle months ago and use anywhere between four and eight drops on my face and neck. It's nice for a bit of a facial massage as well and you can even take eye make up off with it if you use a bit of oil on a moist cotton ball.

Jurlique Moisture Replenishing Day Cream (£26.10 for 40ml): Not the cheapest product, but the Jurlique packaging is beautiful isn't it? I first fell in love with their signature bottles, then with this metal tube which I picked up at Space NK. This cream is pretty thick, a little goes a very long way, especially if you apply it on an already moisturised face. I need about a pea sized amount for my face and neck. The cream has a relatively strong flowery scent but this fades quickly. If you are looking for a very moisturizing cream that almost works as a treatment, I'd say go and smell it first, or try to get a tester. Eventhough this is a day cream I prefer using it over night and don't tend to put it on in the morning.

Hurraw Night Treatment Balm (£4.50 for 4.3g): I used to be a Carmex or Blistex kind of girl. Always the products in the little tubs. Now, I have one of the many Hurraw lip balms in every handbag. This is the one I keep at my bedside table because it is a bit more moisturizing but this brand's balms in general are great. Hurraw sell lip balm treatments, balms with SPF, balms with a tint, with or without all sorts of scents... they are all a girl could hope for. I also apply this Night Treatment before any cold weather runs or outdoor activities.
Burt's Bees Almond & Milk Hand Cream (£10.99 for 55g): Before I turn off the lights, I usually moisturize my hands. This cream is really thick and the scent fades quickly. What's best is that it sinks in in almost no time because I hate nothing more than having oily hands. I use some on my heels, knees or elbows as well when needed and go through at least a jar of this every winter.
That's it really for my skincare. Unfortunately I am not good enough about using body lotion or oil to have really found a favourite and my hair care routine changes all the time. These, however, are the things I don't really want to live without. What do you like to use on your skin in the cold months?