I have a trick for you. It involves a scrunchy and it will make you look like a pineapple. Keep reading. Have you got curly hair? Then you may be familiar with this scenario: you go for a shower in the evening and wash your hair. While it's all piled up in a turban on the top of your head you brush your teeth and then you let those locks air dry. Obviously, it will just so happen that now, in the evening, when you are alone at home your hair just looks absolutely stunning. No frizz, a perfectly tight curl pattern. And you know that when you wake up on the next morning it will all be gone! This trick won't necessarily preserve your perfect ringlets but it will leave you with pretty, manageable curls in the morning!

What do you need? Literally just a scrunchy. All you have to do? Gather your hair on the very top of your head and put it in a pony tail, or a pineapple, whatever you want to call it. Then go to bed. When you wake up, just carefully take out your hair tie and let gravity help your curls fall right into place. That's all ladies, you are good to go!

P.S. how cute is that brush print by Anna Bond for Rifle Paper Co.?