Today, I am starting my holiday gift guide. I want to put special emphasize on items that are made by small shops and individual creatives so a lot of these ideas are from Etsy. I hope you can use this as an inspiration! I absolutely love to cook when I find the time. I just wish I had a bit more space to prep things and some pretty tools on hand. First of all I picked a cookbook - Low Carb Gourmet by Karen Barnaby. As you may know I am on  a Low Carb diet, some of these recipes could be perfect for special occasions. I think you can never go wrong with cookbooks.  I also like the idea of giving a book that is more specialized. Like this one about spices which has a ton of information and is great for referencing or this one covering Indian cuisine. Spices especially can totally change up a person's cooking. Something that I believe many people won't splurge on are pretty storage jars and bottles such as these Delft blue ceramic oil and vinegar bottles or perhaps a pretty salt cellar. I keep all of my loose ingredients in glass jars so I can always see what's in them, and label them with chalkboard pen. Along with these gifts a really good oil or vinegar or maybe some Fleur de Sel would be fantastic!

I have always wanted a nice mortar and pestle which would be perfect to make a spice blend or my own pesto. It's just one of those things I never got around to buying for myself. A fruit bowl would make for a beautiful centre piece, they can be a splurge, but will look fantastic sitting out on a counter top. As I said, I am short on space, but when we move I hope to have something like this for my dining table. In terms of utensils, cute measuring cups and spoons or a  muffin pan are lovely stocking stuffers. They look much nicer than average plastic or metal ones. If you're anything like me pretty things make all the difference.

Coffee lovers would probably love this cafetiere, we are using ours lots! Include some nice coffee or maybe a special christmas flavour and you've got a great gift. Roo, for example, prefers beans from regions such as Java, others may favour a Colombian roast. Some may want a cafetiere, others would love a percolator. Coffee and tea make for lots of great gifts. Since I cook a lot but often walk from one side of the kitchen counter to the other, an apron would be perfect to keep kitchen towels on hand. I would also slip my phone in it so that it doesn't get buried under piles of veggies or behind spices. Unless, of course I've got a Pinterest recipe up on my phone.

Nothing beats breakfast in bed, how about on boxing day? Don't forget to add some homemade granola to round the package off. And the person that already has everything may appreciate some art for their kitchen. These watercolours are beautiful, I just could never decide which one to go for! Which is your favourite? A chalkboard would look great in some kitchens, some minimal prints would work for others. Think about the person you are getting a gift for.

That's all friends, everything a chef's heart could hope for. What have you got planned for the foodie in your life? Anything from this list that you would gift? And if you want more gift ideas, check out the next, traveler's edition!