For part two (here is part one, in case you missed it!) of my gift guide I chose to show you some of my favourite travel related things. I love to travel and can probably pack most of my things in 10 minutes or less. I've also always got a stack of pouches as well as miniature toiletries flying around. I love drybags for shoes, laundry, cables, because they protect my bits and pieces. The last thing I'd want to loose are my keys. Because I'm a minimalist and usually carry a maximum of two keys on my keyring, a simple keychain to make it easier to spot them makes all the difference to me. These ones are personalised leather ones and just so pretty to look at! Another great thing to have is a good quality and soft camera strap.

Depending on the trip you are going on you may want to cary a suitcase, a rucksack or a bag. I limit myself to carry on only and usually keep a folded up longchamp bag in my suitcase. This cuts down on time waiting for your luggage. For shorter trips I like to take a big leather bag that can take a bit of a beating (they only become more beautiful!) and will hold a lot. This may not be ideal to store under an airplane seat because you risk loosing stuff but I am never worried about theft because of how deep this bag is. What's in my bag? Usually lots of pouches of various sizes!

A really fun gift, in my opinion is this Carry on Cocktail Kit. You can choose between various cocktails but because the Old Fashioned is one of my favourites I went for that one. This really is more of a gadget but I think the idea is brilliant. My dad always orders a gin and tonic on flights - why not start your trip with a good drink?

When Roo travelled to Southeast Asia he took one of these Lonely Planet on a Shoestring guides. If you know where another person is going next, Lonely Planets are awesome. The shoestring guides offer a lot of more affordable yet absolutely fantastic tips. You can be sure that you will be able to go off the beaten track and get great recommendations. I've got all sorts - city guides, country ones, pocket guides... you name it!

Next up, an absolute essential: a sleeping mask. These J.Crew ones have the same patterns as their pajamas (which would make a beautiful present as well! - I am giving one to my mum). Some people also love neck pillows (I am not a fan) others swear by scarves. My favourite travel scarf is probably handsdown this versatile piece.

Have you ever searched for your headphones in your bag only to find a messy, completely knotted up string of cables somewhere at the bottom? I certainly have. To prevent that, I'd love to have a cable keeper. This rudolph one is awesome as well.

The more things I carry around that can stay in my bag, the happier I am. Therefore I love to travel with non-liquids. And by that I mean soap bars, deodorant sticks or maybe even dry toothpaste! Lush sell a lot of skin care related products in bar form. Definitely something to take a look at!

And finally, two more things I cannot live without. A spare phone/gadget battery - this one is pretty, others will do the job just as well though and my traveler's notebook. The Midori notebooks combine notebooks, calendars, and whatever else one may want, are completely customisable, age beautifully and - in my humble opinion - one of the greatest gifts you could make a traveler!

What are you planning to give the travelers in your life? Is there anything on this lift that you might gift? Happy Holiday season!