Are you already in full on autumn mood? I certainly am! I absolutely love chilly days, wool socks, winter jumpers and warm boots. Autumn and Winter are probably the two best seasons. Yesterday, we went out for a run and it was all foggy (see above!). It was so much fun to have some "real weather". This November I want to focus on these things:
  1. Get a head start on the holiday season:

    In my ideal world I'll have my Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers sorted before everyone goes nuts at the mall. I prefer a more serene atmosphere so I think I may actually take a couple of days off this month to get ready for Christmas. 

  2. Spend some quality family time:

    It's not often that we get to see my parents in law but at the end of this month we are planning to go and see them and spend a few days with them. I really treasure family time so I am really looking forward to this little escape to the countryside.

  3. Cook, prep and bring lunch:

    Whenever I fail to bring lunch I end up eating the worst things and spending a little fortune at work. When I bring leftovers however, I am happier, healthier and don't have to go and buy a load of snacks in the afternoon. This month I want to be better at bringing my own food.

  4. Run more, run longer:

    Fitness wise I had a really low mileage week last week and two weeks ago. It's about I stepped things up a bit. Definitely run another 15k this month, maybe even a 20k, if my legs cooperate. I want to do more hills because the littlest incline is already a challenge, and I want to see a lot more of London's parks.

What are your goals for the month of November? Are you celebrating Thanksgiving in your house? And what about Black Friday, is it a thing where you live?