2016 for me is hopefully going to be a year in which I learn a lot. I don't particularly miss school, probably uni if anything because it was the place where I was able to focus on the things I really cared about (if you are interested I studied Business, I focused on the Marketing side but also really enjoyed HR and Change Management) . What I miss though is actively learning new things, challenging myself creatively, doing DIYs and making things with my hands. Here are ten things I want to give a go or practice more next year! ONE: LEARN A FOREIGN LANGUAGE

I picked up French again and started doing Duolingo lessons when I have a few free minutes. I took a year of French in school as an extracurricular but I had to study Spanish and didn't really have enough time to keep my French classes going. I've always loved the language though and Duolingo seems to be a really good way to start. Roo has been using it for German as well and been enjoying it.


This may be an obvious one but I dearly love this little blog of mine and want to invest a lot more time and effort in it in 2016. Let's see where I'll be one year from now! It's a bit like a job but Bee & Roo also allows me to share (or brain dump) what's going on in my life and to set goals that all of you can help me reach!


A few years ago I got my first proper camera for Christmas. I love taking photos but more often than not I still fall back into the habit of using the automatic setting instead of taking the time to adjust the ISO or white balance for example. I got a bit frustrated trying to take a portrait in the evening last night - it either turned out way too pink or you couldn't see the background. I also want to do a lot more with Instagram but am always putting too much thought into my photos and never end up uploading anything. That needs to change!


I'd love to be able to make my own little things on a sewing machine. Little pouches for example, aprons, christmas stockings, you name it. Roo's mum is really talented with her sewing and knitting and has inspired me to dig out my mum's sewing materials and sewing machine and give this a try. Something I may not be able to do myself but would like to spend a bit of money on is to get clothing tailored to fit me even better. I think a great fit of an item makes absolutely all the difference.


The other day at work my colleague announced that she was off to John Lewis in her lunch break to stock up on wool. I was a bit surprised because I don't know very many people in their twenties who actually knit. The scarf my colleague then pulled out of her bag though was so pretty, cozy and soft that I almost wanted to ask for an impromptu knitting lesson.


Last night I made a low carb onion tart. It was almost entirely made up and tasted really nice! I was so proud of myself! I think, I've already got a pretty good feeling for what flavours go well together, but I am still sometimes struggling to come up with new ideas. Roo and I sat down to make a dinner plan for the week ahead and then went grocery shopping together, now I've got a plan and I think it will enable me to make more things, prep more and at the same time practice cooking and get even more confident.


Traveling is one of my favourite pastime activities. I'd love to go skiing again, I'd love to go to Germany to show Roo around, I've got Iceland on my to-go-to list and we both really, really want to go pack the tent and do some more wild camping in this beautiful country. I'm not getting the chance to go anywhere before the New Year but next year I've got five extra holidays that I saved up and I absolutely can't wait to go explore somewhere with Roo.


The only journaling that I've ever really kept up was a gratitude journal. Now I'm keeping track of my exercise in a fitness journal. I like to write and reflect and it makes me stay calm so I think 2016 will be the year when I will start putting down some thoughts before bed again. Even just a line or two a day.


I absolutely adore nice handwriting and calligraphy. I like to work with pen and paper rather than on the computer, I love to study fonts and how they go together. I'm not sure if I'd be any good at handlettering but I'd certainly love to try. My handwriting changes constantly, depending on the pen and paper and just what I feel like. But I like few things more than writing on soft pages, picking up stationery and writing in a new booklet.


I was probably inspired by Christmas and yesterday's trip to the shops with my dad to find something that Roo would like as a surprise. But gift giving makes me really happy and every time I remember to get a surprise something for someone else it fills my heart. This year I made a conscious decision to get gifts others would like rather than things that I'd want to have. I can't wait for Christmas to see my family's reaction when they unwrap the things I got and made for them. Something that matters as well is the packaging, I always try to take extra care when wrapping a gift. I made clay gift tags this year and stamped my family members' names in them. Even that little extra step makes me happy!

Now it's time for you to share what creative things you'd love to do next year! What's on your to do list? Any projects or challenges that you've got planned?