I've lived in England for almost a year and a half. I was born in Germany and consider myself somewhat German, but I spent most of my life in Hungary and the US. Take the below with a grain of salt and some humour! And please let me know, what you found out about other cultures (the British).

  1. Tea is always black tea, it is served with milk, sometimes sugar.
  2. Earl Grey and English Breakfast are fundamentally different (duh!).
  3. Talking on the tube is annoying, looking others in the eye is rare.
  4. There are free newspapers on the tube.
  5. Dinner is lunch, tea is dinner, pudding is any dessert, and a cup of tea is tea.
  6. Trousers are pants, pants are underwear.
  7. There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.
  8. There is The North and The South.
  9. Chips are crisps, fries are chips.
  10. Breakfast is served with red sauce (ketchup/tomato sauce) and brown sauce (just google it!)
  11. Worcestershire, Gloucester, and Edinburgh are some examples of city names that are not pronounced the obvious way.
  12. You queue always, never jump a queue.
  13. English humour is great! (Ok, I knew this before!)
  14. Saying sorry even if there is nothing to be sorry for.
  15. A hair bobble is a hair tie, a hair slide is a bobby pin.
  16. A couple is two. Only two, not a few.
  17. You can buy prepped yet fresh anything: chopped butternut squash, sliced carrots, potatoes with butter and herbs.
  18. Cream comes in single, double, extra thick, clotted, ...
  19. Harrods isn't the only exclusive shop in the city
  20. Bank station is to be avoided at rush hour. As is Waterloo and probably most other bigger train stations.
  21. England, Great Britain and the UK are not to be used interchangeably.
  22. Parks in England (and Paris) are stunning.
  23. A pub more often or not is called "The *insert noun* and *insert noun*"

And one bonus thing I haven't yet understood: Cricket.