How's everyone's November been? Hectic? I hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving if you celebrated it and managed to get some good deals over the Cyber Weekend. I shopped some of my Christmas gifts and got some great savings. But I didn't go overboard, so I am really proud of myself. Today it's time to reflect, but also time to set some new challenges (and one fun one!). Harrods Christmas Window Decor - December Goals

Harrods Christmas Window Decor - December Goals

Let's start by having a look at what I wanted to achieve in November:

  1. Get a head start on the holiday season: while I haven't actually bought all my gifts I got some, ordered others, wrapped a bunch, and have a list for the rest. Christmas time, here we go!
  2. Spend some quality family time: yes! I went to the Lake District to visit Roo's family and it was great.
  3. Cook, prep and bring lunch: I haven't done this every day but I have some pre cooked foods and bits and pieces in the freezer and I already had homemade broccoli muffins, stew and curry this week! Win!
  4. Run more, run longer: This was a fail. I ran a bit, but I also think I injured my leg again so what I need to to now is stretch, strengthen and rest.

Harrods Christmas Window Decor - December Goals

And now for my goals for December:

  1. Have a very merry Christmas: Some years I feel like my family has the best intentions but in the end we fight under the Christmas tree. This year, I want it to be a very happy and merry Christmas. No fights, just quality time, love.
  2. Stretch & Strengthen: I signed up for a trial class at the gym with my mum, she's been so good about going a few times a week, I'm really proud of her. This Saturday is my first class so let's see how that goes! I want to challenge myself to do a little something for my body every single day of the month.
  3. Go on new adventures: London is huge, still, I never really go into town to explore. This month I want to get out and get stuck in, maybe see a museum (I've been meaning to go to the V&A for the longest time!) or go to a Christmas market
  4. Christmas jumpers: Yup, really, this year will be the year for me to get myself a Christmas jumper. Is this a silly goal? It's definitely not something we do enough of back at home in Germany.

What are your plans and goals for December? Is there anything you look forward to doing? Happy December!

P.S.: how cute were last year's Harrod's Christmas windows? I hope I get to see this year's as well!