Snapshots No. 2


Wow, time flies, another week is over. This weekend I want to bake some LCHF cookies and wrap my presents. I also need to pick up a few more stocking bits and pieces! How is your Christmas prepping going? Making progress? Or are you more of a last minute shopper? I'd love to know what your strategy is, if you have one!

  1. Afterglow - beautiful, beautiful short film
  2. Currently on every meal plan: Broccoli Tots. With almond flour instead of real flour
  3. Just finished this book and will watch the movie soon.
  4. I love wood so naturally I love this print.
  5. If you are a stationery fanatic you will love this round up!
  6. Love these in the plum wine shade.
  7. My current favourite weeknight drink! With a dash of milk, please.
  8. The Goodreads' Choice Award Winners have been announced.
  9. It's never too early for this.
  10. On the hunt for the perfect christmas jumper. How about this?

And three things you may have missed:

  1. Gift guide part one...
  2. ...and two
  3. December Goals