Snapshots No. 3


Hey guys, hope you all had a great week? I signed up to my local gym to really strengthen up my legs and core. I've already been to my first 6.15 AM class, my first couple of weekend classes, some core ones and some HIIT style classes. Honestly, I should have done this much sooner. Tomorrow, I want to go to the Christmas Market and then I've got a few more days where I will attend a first aid training next week. What are your plans for the next few days?

  1. So cute and on sale.
  2. Such a pretty cover.
  3. "Jump In My Jumpsuit"? Love it!
  4. 21st century shoplifting
  5. Made me laugh out loud (we got this as a Christmas card!)
  6. It's Christmas Market time, any London favourites?
  7. So going to make these (YUM!)
  8. Perfect to spice up you Christmas look. Or wedding. Or every day life.
  9. Everyone seems to be talking about paper bags
  10. An interesting take on journaling

And three things you may have missed:

  1. Winter Cozies
  2. December Goals
  3. A German in London