Really, this blog post should have been titled "winter" bucket list. Because Winter in this part of the world (London) should be cold, and the day before yesterday we had 16 degrees celsius out there. I gave up my hopes for a white Christmas and instead of mulled wine will retort back to iced tea. No, I'm kidding, I'm still going to do all the winter-y things. Minus building a snowman. Roo came home with his brand new ultra warm down jacket from Marmot and I almost burst out laughing because I had been outside wearing short sleeves. Anyways, back to topic. These are the things that I plan to do this winter (see, no quotation marks!) anyway:


I stocked up on Beanies' Cinder Toffee flavoured instant coffee because I like drinking that with a splash of milk and saving on Starbucks and Costa. I am also going to continue making soups and stews and I want to bake some (low carb) Mince Pies tonight! These look great and easy.


I'd love to read John Green's Let It Snow this year. It's coming out as a movie in 2016 and I haven't read a John Green book since The Fault in Our Stars. Other than that, I look forward to challenging myself to another year of books!


For years and years I wanted to have a glitter nail varnish for the holiday season. But I never bit the bullet because I couldn't see myself wearing it more than a couple of years. This year though, I'll get one. I'm thinking either this one, this one, or this one. Stay tuned! My second purchase will probably be a pair of UK made lambswool moccasins for around the house. Is this a valid bucket list point?


In winter,  will run again, I need to go and get fitted at Runner's Needs but I'd love a pair of ONs. I also signed up for an unlimited gym pass for January. This winter I will be fit, strong and flexible! Especially after not having been able to get any running in for a month or so now.

I think that's all the things I plan to do this winter. I wish I could list things like go skiing, build snowmen, make snow angels. But not this year! What are your plans for the new season?