Pyjamas Tea - Slippers - Chocolate - Blanket - Candle - Book - Soap

I'm so ready for it to get cold. Roo just came home with the prettiest Christmas jumper in a lovely pattern for me to wear to a Christmas dinner we are going out to tomorrow. Christmas itself is right around the corner and I absolutely enjoy being inside snuggling up with a good book, a cup of tea and some snacks and enjoying myself. I have a long day and by the time I come home I look forward to kicking off my shoes, putting on some fluffy lambswool slippers and a nice pair of pyjamas.

I had a chat about Christmas books with a girl at work and she said, that she rereads A Christmas Carol every year and that she finally bought a new - hardcover - version of the book to read this year. It was really pretty. I think it makes a great gift as well. As does anything artisan, like some chocolate that's not just mainstream Milka or Lindt - that makes all the difference. Or maybe some candles! They don't have to cost a fortune to smell nice!

Sticking with the theme of homewear though, my dad, who used to work for the theatre told me a story about one of the actors working for his company who kept a pair of slippers at a hotel he favoured. Whenever he came to visit which - because of his job was very often, the old lady who ran the B&B would set out the slippers next to his bed. It must have had an instant effect of "coming home" to something.

What little things are you looking for as the nights get longer and longer? Any traditions you can share?