Beeswax Food Wrap - French market basket - Market list - Thermos mug - Weekly planner - Produce bags - Market calendar - Coin purse - Egg carrier

I've said it before but market day is definitely one of my highlights of the week. I don't shop very much but going to the farmer's market to buy fresh, organic, sometimes not-so-grocery-store-perfect food is a wonderful experience. Yesterday, I actually went to the grocery store with my family and was shocked about the sheer amount of packaging on literally every single item. Triple wrapped tea bags, cling-filmed broccoli, plastic bagged cauliflower. Seriously?! So back to the market it is. I find it's easiest to shop the market with a game plan so before I go on a Saturday morning I actually sit down and do some planning.

Usually, things still get shuffled around a bit but making a plan helps me a lot. I know how much to buy, I tend to schedule things that will keep for a bit later in the week and I don't run around like a headless chicken trying to make up my mind about what I want to buy and cook. Being prepared at the market is really down to a few simple things: having a big open top bag or basket that you can easily stuff with your favourite items and possibly bringing a few smaller bags for smaller items that you may be buying in bulk (carrots, onions, herbs, ...). Aside from the obvious storage you may want to think about bringing glass jars, returning used packaging if possible and taking somewhere to store eggs and also fresh cheese. I love the idea of a beeswax cloth and am now thinking about making my own. In the meantime though these are great.

Before heading out of the door I grab my coin purse - perfect for the low prices at the individual booths, my keys, phone and a drink. I like to think of my weekly market trip as a fun time spent alone or with my mum or Roo so bringing a hot cup of milky tea in a leak proof thermos perfectly rounds of the experience.

Please share with me what your farmer's market essentials are in the comments! By the way if you are looking for a local farmer's market in your area check out this useful website.