Snapshots No. 4


The first few days of the new year have flown by and while some are already abandoning their resolutions others have shared with me some really great ideas. Someone at work is planning to write a children's book for his nephews and nieces - probably one of the sweeter ideas I heard of this year. A huge amount of people have also joined the gym this January. I have made my first well considered purchase of the year and have been really good about my meal planning thus far. How is 2016 going for you?

  1. We're currently using this. Love the scent!
  2. Apparently everyone should watch "Making a Murderer". It shocks.
  3. Reading about zero waste - inspiring.
  4. Love this for the kitchen.
  5. Nettle and Mint. Yum!
  6. I adore this girl
  7. Preordered her book. Find it here!
  8. Naturisimo now sells these. I love the Lolita!
  9. I was probably the last person to watch this but loved it!
  10. Awwww. Awww!  (!!)

And three things you may have missed:

  1. My resolutions for the new year
  2. And a look back
  3. And finally some inspiration