My New Year's Resolutions for 2016 by Bee & Roo 2016 is over a month old now and it's started of in a really good way I think. I've been working hard on my resolutions and enjoyed it so much. Let me share with you the things I have done:


In January I bought one item of homewear - a pair of sheepskin slippers handmade in the UK (find them here!). I didn't cut out spending all together because I did get some supplies for some diy-ing but other than that I stuck to one splurge and am so happy I've done it. These shoes are perfection, but more about that in another post. It also feels really good to not have gone mad in the sales. I don't even want to buy anything at the moment.


Mmmh, food! I've cooked at home almost every day of January and almost always had something to take to work as well. Nobody is perfect but this was certainly a good start. I've also been to the Farmer's Market most weekends and tried an organic food delivery service last week (I was not convinced so I won't link them here). Food has truly become a love language. One day we went out for dinner at our favourite Indian restaurant and I think we'll probably do that again this month. I. Cannot. Wait.

Sheepskin moccasin slippers, the ultimate winter essential for comfort, warmth and cozziness. These are by Sheepskin and are made in the town of Somerset, UK. It's a family business handmaking their products and the effort pays off. - Bee & Roo


As I said above I've splurged on those slippers but I've also bought myself a Wool and the Gang knit kit and finished my first ever knitting project. I got myself some nice needles, some more wool and am currently trying myself at a hat. It's a lot easier than I thought it would be and oh so therapeutic! I took this photo of my project while I was working on it and it's been my most popular Instagram shot ever. Makes me a little proud, because I am a newbie.


This one is difficult. I go through ups and downs and sometimes my pill is making this even worse (action plan: get a new one!) I am trying though and I've been practicing mindfulness and sharing love with others. One baby step at a time. And another, and another.

Wool and the Gang Knit Kit via Bee & Roo - Beginner's Knit Kit Lil Snood Dogg


Knitting! Prior to my first knitting project I had knitted about 5 stitches in my life. And now I am absolutely in love and am pinning everything I can find that inspires me. I also joined Ravelry and want to stay up all night looking at pretty patterns. I've also challenged myself a little bit photography wise but need to do a lot more of that!


This one was a bit of a fail from my side. I wish I spent more time outside but other than walking the dog I have not achieved this in January.


I love to learn but I also like it to be easy. I've downloaded the Stitcher app and been listening to podcasts while knitting, relaxing at home or doing chores. I've jumped on the Lively Show bandwagon (she's great, check her out!) and have already learned a lot. I enjoy listening to other people's life stories or them talking about things they are passionate about. The approach works for me and I'm now looking for other podcasts that I might enjoy just as  much! Can you recommend anything at all?


For a few days in the beginning of the year I wore mascara and eye liner almost daily. I've since stopped but made an effort to wear some pieces of jewellery or make an effort when putting together my outfit. I've been wearing perfume more regularly but am now on the hunt for a simple new scent.


I haven't yet sold anything but I've got an idea. So why not just put it out there. I would like to sell something on the amazing community that is Etsy. I've been brainstorming a few things and hope to be able to reveal something in February or March of this year - stay tuned!


Honestly, January has been so much fun. I've loved almost every moment of it. I've challenged myself in more ways than I had in the past few months. I've become a lot more organised, made plans, tried new things. I think I've nailed my new year's resolutions and can't wait to do more as the year progresses. Let's see where 2016 takes me and hopefully you.

Please let me know how the year's been going for you so far! I am really looking forward to hearing from you!