Adventure Time

Adventure time on Bee & Roo Piling up in front of the bookshelves in our room right now is a growing pile of happiness gear. That can only mean one thing: we are going on an outdoorsy adventure! We've still got a few days in left in London before we are loading up the car and making our way to the English Peaks but my excitement levels are already going through the roof. Since I first moved here I have quickly fallen absolutely in love with exploring the countryside, walking and challenging myself in various adventures.

A few weeks ago we started going bouldering regularly and since then I've gotten pretty hooked on that too. So hooked, that for our next trip I can now call myself the proud owner of a climbing rack, harness, climbing shoes, chalk bag, even a new pro shell. Guess I'm in trouble. Seriously though, I cannot wait to practice on some real rock.

Mainly, this one is going to be a relaxed Easter weekend with some not-so-ultralight food (sausages anyone?), gear testing and breathing fresh air. I have recently come across this quote that I thought was absolutely beautiful and very fitting:

Excuse me. I've got something important to do: namely sit and contemplate natures beauty whilst sipping coffee. I'll be back after I've proclaimed myself sane again...possibly never. 

(Can anyone help me out with the source?) I can tell you from our last weekend of walking and camping in the peaks that few things are as inspiring as hiding from the wind behind a big boulder, making a cup of coffee and breathing fresh air. Trust me. I am in full on adventure mood and can't wait to share some tips and tricks form along my journey. Happy camping!