Home, Sweet Home

Phew, it's been a few hectic days. We've both been traveling plenty, working hard and falling into bed completely worn out after each long day. But we are pretty much done. Our little home finally resembles just that - a home. Sure, the photos aren't hung yet and the old armchair and TV are still taking up valuable space. But we don't have to feel guilty anymore about snuggling up to watch a movie in the evening rather than unpacking yet another book. I've already learned a few things about my new neighborhood. For example that there's two independent bus systems and that you need to do some proper planning if you want to buy one ticket only. Or the fact that everything appears close and near but in actuality the city centers are further away than I had thought. Which is good though.

We've also started mingling with the locals. We checked out an amazing new running route along one of the parks, had a pint at one of the local pubs and ordered Indian from a place favoured by some new friends.

Living in a smaller city certainly has its advantages and it's feeling more and more like a place that I actually belong it. Here is to some new adventures. To new experiences, more free time and many happy moments in our new house!