We Are Moving

Poole Harbour via Bee & Roo (www.beeandroo.com) It's been as good as set in stone for a while now, but now that we actually got a signed contract for our apartment I feel ready to share the exciting news: we are moving! Our London days are quickly rushing to an end and the boxer are already stacking up. I am spending my days deciding on a sofa, changing my address and daydreaming of all the adventures that are to come.

Two weeks from today we are officially moving to the South. To Poole, Dorset more specifically. We found a lovely modern flat in a great location and within walkable distance of shops, restaurants and even the beach (eeeeek!).

My heart is filled with joy and excitement for this new adventure. Our new arrangements will allow us to spend weekends exploring the outdoors, climb a lot more and do all the little things that already make us happy. Bring on the adventures, the experiences and the excitement of adulthood!