Base Building: Week 1

Phew, a lot has happened in the last four weeks. We moved house, I got really excited to start exploring the neighbourhood and I found some amazing trails less than a block away from our front door. That was the great part. Next think I know I got way too excited about the possibility of running and started feeling a niggle in my knee. Turns out I got myself some ITBS. The next few days and weeks I spent hobbling around, doing this routine over and over again. When I started feeling better again, we headed out for a muddy trail run where I managed to slip on some wet roots and twist my ankle. Ouch! By the time I got to rest it had swollen up and I had to rest on the sofa with my ankle propped up on the arm rest and a bag of frozen peas for icing. Classy. Base Building: Week 1

This week I finally wanted to progress from the baby steps I have taken on the bike. I really wanted to run and I also thought I could give swimming a go. I looked for training plans that would allow me to safely build a solid base but would give me a lot of running and riding time. Hal Higdon's Triathlon 1 plan ticked all of those boxes and a copy of it is now hanging on the inside of the gear closet door.

Week one consisted of a lot of positive self talk on the bike in the beginning and ended with a fantastic 15 miler from Poole to Studland - where we had a pub lunch - and back. It's been a fantastic experience. I felt really strong on the flats and even on the uphills and worked on getting braver at riding down hill. My max pace was only 18.5 miles an hour but for a first long ride that is perfectly acceptable I think. The ferry crossing only takes a few minutes but on the other sides the roads are smooth and wide, there is a lot less traffic and the views are absolutely phenomenal. I already can't wait to go back. A lesson for next time: make sure my Garmin is set to auto pause so a) I don't forget to start it again and b) it doesn't screw my pace.

Base Building: Week 1

Wednesday I found my trusty old high school swimsuit and headed for the pool to see if I had magically become a decent swimmer. Well, it wasn't doggy paddling but I think I will try to get some lessons to improve my technique. Other than that, today's morning run was the best 20-something minutes I have spent pounding the pavement in a while. I found that I can now run for 20 to 30 minutes pain free which is a huge improvement. I owe this to my foam roller, the aforementioned ITBS routine and the lululemon SeaWheeze Yoga playlist.

All in all I am very proud of my first week back in the game. I feel sore in a great way my laundry machine is full of sweaty gear and I've got a massive grin plastered across my face. Watch out ladies and gentlemen, I am back!


Week 1 was made up of:

  • 800 meters swimming
  • 19.1 miles cycling 
  • 7.1 miles running
  • 2 hours strengthening and stretching

For a total of 5:20 hours.