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Can you believe that the first six months of this year have already ended? That we are starting half number two tomorrow? So much has happened this year! At least I am glad to say that I feel like I really lived through those first months. But I am also ready for a holiday. More on that next month. For now, I'll be happy exploring our more immediate neighbourhood.


All. the time. Honestly, since I started working out more I could literally eat all day every day. Since we moved we have upgraded from a fridge drawer to... well, a whole flat including one great kitchen. So I've been loving cooking at home and trying out new recipes.  A few highlights were this low carb cheesecake which was a phenomenal brekfast *cough*. My favourite lunch were Fajita skewers which were so spicy that we both had to drink a glass of milk with them and then follow them up with vanilla ice cream. I guess the ice cream was optional but it didn't hurt. And finally I made some DIY Lärabars. There are lots of recipes for this kind of thing on Pinterest! Now I only need a decent food processor because my little one started smelling a bit funky in the process. Oops. These were a favourite though, I can't recommend them high enough. I'll be sure to round up a few of my favourite recipes soon-ish.


In the sun. Well, kinda. British summer has been hiding and there's been a lot of wet runs, but I am happy to report that the faint little lines on my thighs do not wash off. They are real cycling tan lines and I am wearing them proudly. Even though I am probably the only person who can see them. I'm slowly making progress on all fronts: better balance which pays of in single leg squats, greater strength which means less ITB pain, more confidence on the bike (thanks to a 20 miler, yay!!), "faster" (but admittedly short) runs at sub 9:00 minutes per mile.

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I also discovered a lot of things I need to work on like: riding downhill, fueling properly (insert aforementioned Lärabar experiment), or quite randomly balancing on patches of sand without falling over when cycling at the beach. I told my athlete friend about work about some of my weaknesses and the next day I found an email full of tips and tricks and helpful articles in my inbox. That absolutely made my day so much better.

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Jonas Jonasson's most recent novel Hitman Anders and the Meaning of It All which I loved and think is much better than his second book and more like the first one he wrote. In Waterstones a lady also recommended The Reader on the 6.27 which I was positively surprised by. It's not a favourite though.  And now I have started Anthony Doerr's About Grace (beautiful cover!) because I loved All the Light We Cannot SeeMy only problem? My to-be-read list is getting longer and longer and I just can't find the time to properly relax and just read anymore. Guess I should take twenty minutes before bed to just wind down with a book. I deserve that.

What a pretty cover! I am a real sucker for "packaging" and book cover designs.

What I want to read next? The Shepherd's Life is definitely right up there, Big Magic as well, and maybe Emma?