Snapshots No. 5

I thought that for a change I would actually start featuring some snapshots in these posts. Kind of makes sense, doesn't it?

We are currently loving fresh strawberries with cream for breakfast and a good cup of coffee. Roo often picks up a packet of flavoured coffee alongside the standard kind and has been really lucky at TK Maxx recently. Yum!

  1. I also love this flavoured (instant) coffee
  2. Roo took this awesome photo on the beach last week.
  3. Why type 2 fun is the best
  4. These new flavours of Clif Bars sound delicious!
  5. Everyone's been talking about this book.
  6. These have helped to improve my cycling confidence.
  7. Waiting for this piece of art to arrive.
  8. My favourite protein shake. Blended up with frozen strawberries.
  9. Currently going back and forth between this mat and this one.
  10. No crust pizza. Definitely LCHF. So good too.

And three things you may have missed:

  1. Riding a bike is not easy.
  2. The Land Where Lemons Grow
  3. Honey Whiskey Liquor musings