3 Books to Give as a Gift

3 Books to Give as Gifts via Bee & Roo I read so many different kind of books and enjoy all sorts of genres. But there are certain titles that I would recommend to anyone. They are the ones that I won't stop talking about, the ones that I give to friends and family for their Birthdays or Christmas. The real page turners or ones that for one reason or another simply stick. Here is three books that I think would make great gifts:

All the Light We Cannot See

Who is it for? The person who appreciates great writing and a realistic story.

Why you'll love this! At first, I never picked this book up in the shops because I thought it would be yet another boring historic novel. But boy was I wrong! I tend to avoid most things historic because I would much rather use a book as a way to escape reality. This book is different however. The German boy who grew up in the war reminded me of the many tragic stories my Dad tells me about from his youth. The young French girl adds an entirely different hope filled twist to the plot. This is not a happy story, but it is. It is not a tragic one, but it is. In All the Light We Cannot See Anthony Doerr describes the everyday moments that really matter in two people's lives in vivid detail. It is simply a very beautiful book to read and I found it impossible to put down.

In three words? Beautiful, yet sad.

The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared

Who is it for? The storyteller with a sense of humour.

Why you'll love this! This is one of those laugh out loud kind of reads. There isn't even that much to say about it because the title pretty much sums up the entire book. This is an example of a fantastic debut novel that even those of us who are harder to crack will most likely enjoy. I've made my Mum read this book, a fellow Yogi as well as a classmate from uni - they all loved it. I have since bought my third copy and without fail every bookseller that I got these from has commented on how great a read this is. If you are in for an adventure or rather the adventure of a lifetime this one is for you.

In three words? Hilarious, smart, witty.

The Land Where Lemons Grow

Who is it for? The foodie who enjoys dinner alone in a Ristorante in Italy

Why you'll love this! I have reviewed this book on the blog a little while ago and have since grown to love it even more. Helena Attlee has combined her beautiful account of her travels around Italy with her love and interest in lemons in every form. You'll get tried and tested recipes, first hand restaurant recommendations, insights into the Italian culture and a great desire to go out and enjoy good simple life. Il dolce far niente. This has made me want to meet locals and discuss their traditions and it has also inspired me to try cooking more with Citrus and experimenting with it in various forms. The Land Where Lemons Grow has opened up an entire new horizon of options!

In three words? Sensory and multifaceted.