Snapshots No. 6

Snapshots No. 6: Climbing in Portland and more. Via We are less than two weeks away from our end of summer holiday to Gran Canaria and the excitement levels are certainly rising. We'll actually start travelling this weekend already because of various work trips so this trip requires a bit more logistical effort. My strategy? Pack basics and wash as I go. Honestly, it's lighter, easier and takes the hassle out of holiday mornings when you don't want to have to think about outfit choices. We also just came back from a micro adventure in Portland. We went there to hang out with some friends and get in some sport climbing. I already can't wait to go back. That's where I took the photo above, by the way.

Completely unrelated these are a few of my favourite things of late:

  1. Beautiful gallery of tiny things.
  2. Yummy snacks in nice packaging.
  3. This photo cost $6,612 to take. Rightly so.
  4. Small hands? Try this on your bike!
  5. Absolutely love these prints. Which one is your favourite?
  6. This pudding was a hit with the family.
  7. A great podcast.
  8. Stunning piece of jewellery.
  9. My kind of packing list.
  10. Favourite drink of choice lately. Minus the sugar though.

And three things you may have missed:

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  2. My ultimate guide to Budapest.
  3. Three brilliant reads.