Snapshots No. 7

Snapshots No. 7 via Bee + Roo ( Wow, that weekend absolutely flew by! After much hesitation we finally decide to pull the trigger on a cupboard that we had been eyeing for our kitchen and living room space. So most of our Saturday was spent wandering around IKEA and later putting together furniture. I find that oddly relaxing. Give me an IKEA kitchen to build and I would probably be the happiest kid in the world. At least for a little while. Sunday we added some homely touches to the flat by hanging travel pictures on our ever growing photo wall and lighting some candles to spend the rest of the weekend relaxing.

Anyway, hope you have had a great weekend yourself. Here are a few links to get you started with the new week!

  1. NASA inspired trailer - how cool!
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  6. We must have... 4? It's kind of like N+1
  7. Work at a computer? These are intriguing (get 2 for 1 using the code UK241 for until the 27th!)
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And three things you may have missed:

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