3 Restaurants Not to Miss in Gran Canaria

Being the food loving travellers that we are we desperately hoped to find some exciting restaurants in Gran Canaria during our stay. After a disappointing first dinner we enjoyed some pretty good food at Allende in the harbour on day two. But then we found the real goldmines: places that we went back to or are still talking about. During our seven day stay in Las Palmas these three became our absolute favourites:

3 Restaurants you Cannot Miss in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

La Bikina Cantina

I am a huge fan of short menus. I also love simple dishes with a twist. At La Bikina the menu only contains a handful of (fairly random) dishes but every single one of them is a hit. Such a hit in fact that we ended up eating here twice in a week. The drinks are phenomenal (Adam's favourite was the El Bikino Mojito with Ginger Beer) and the food is fantastic as well. The dishes are small enough to enjoy them tapas style if you like but this is not a must. Another highlight? The fact that the Chef obviously has fun with the ingredients. My vegetarian Tacos were filled with cactus for example. Yum!

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Mr Kale

We don't often go out for Smoothies but we couldn't walk past Mr Kale's hip interior and fun looking menu. This place has a great selection of freshly made smoothies with or without superfoods, greens or milk. On top of that, there are a few healthy bowls and a short healthy sounding menu. Again we came here twice, once to enjoy a smoothie and a coffee while preparing for our PADI exams and then again to try one of the burgers.

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200 Gramos

This place we found kind of randomly. We were walking towards the beach and found this street full of fun looking restaurants (Calle Ruiz de Alda if you are interested). Instead of stopping though we continued and went to La Bikina only to come back the next day and try this very inviting Burger place. Before I tell you about those let me describe the lemonades though. We almost had to try them all but after two drinks each (the second one in lieu of a pudding) we just couldn't keep going anymore. The idea is simple: fresh fruit juice, crushed ice, a pretty glass. You taste them and they are great, but wait, what's that, a hint of sweetness... these guys are bloody genius! They have added vanilla extract to some of the drinks and that's what makes them so good!

The food wasn't half bad either obviously. We shared Mozzarella bites as a starter and had excellent burgers with handcut chips as our main. The burgers were with classics as well as fun alternative options. Just promise me not to go here without at least trying one of the lemonades.

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P.S.: Thanks to Adam for the shots of the restaurants featured above!