Hi, I'm Roo!

Hi, I'm Roo - Introducing the other half of Bee and RooWho am I?

Hi everyone! I've finally got around to contributing towards Bee's blog. So, where better to start than an introduction?

I'm Adam, one-half of Bee + Roo. I'm a passionate outdoorsman, ski instructor, outdoor equipment nerd, reader, runner, gamer, climber, cook, and traveler among many other things! I was born and raised in Staveley, in the English Lake District, spending lots of time outdoors and most of that time soaking wet.

Growing up that way, I felt like I was destined to be outside. Straight out of school I pursued my favourite activity: skiing.

I started skiing as a small child, learning on plastic slopes, racing slalom and getting rug burns every weekend. Eventually, I moved into a coaching role at my local slope. I taught every weekend after the age of 14, before leaving school and teaching in the French, Italian and Swiss Alps for quite a few winter seasons.

I spent my summers working in outdoor equipment shops, doing my best to help people get the most out of the British summer (mostly waterproof boots and Gore-Tex jackets... did I mention it's wet in the UK?).

Once I decided it was time to get a proper job (bad idea), I managed a string of big outdoor shops and sold even more boots and jackets. From the flagship store in central London, I was scouted by Osprey Europe and now find myself as the Product Line Manager (read Chief Pack Nerd) based in Poole, Dorset.

Hi, I'm Roo - Introducing the other half of Bee and Roo

What am I doing here?

I'm planning to write some posts on my favourite outdoor gear, maybe answer some questions about backpacks and probably get a bit too excited about jackets, stoves, boots and tents. I might write about other things too. I'll see whether the mood strikes!

I expect to be getting plenty of time outdoors this season, taking Bee out onto the top of hills and finding nice places to take photos of. I'll be putting some prototype packs to the test, dragging myself up some muddy hills and camping in the rain (It always rains. Always.).

Feel free to ask me some questions, it gives me things to write about!

Hi, I'm Roo - Introducing the other half of Bee and Roo

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