Snapshots No. 8: Kendal Mountain Festival Edition

Snapshots No. 8: Kendal Mountain Festival Edition Adam and I just got back from the Kendal Mountain Festival. It's been our third year in a row now that we have gone to the festival. This year we spent less time watching movies and listening to talks but more time strolling around base camp discovering new gear and chatting with pros.

These are some of our favourites from the event!

  1. A new merino wear brand with a focus on fashion. And function. And women.
  2. Beautiful warm winter down.
  3. Keeping drinks hot in style (love the Mango colour)
  4. And a more muted alternative
  5. Great tool if you own more than one lense
  6. Leica's take on instant
  7. An old KMF favourite
  8. On my reading list
  9. Adam's favourite snack bars
  10. Black Friday done 100% right

And three things you may have missed:

  1. Our new Instagram!
  2. Get to know Roo
  3. Choosing the right ski boots