10 Outdoor Brands Not to Miss This Small Business Saturday

Happy Small Business Saturday! I love supporting small business and while I am not much of a shopper in general, I like to shop small and shop local where I can. Whether it's going to the Farmer's Market or getting my bike checked by the little shop around the corner. Today, however, I want to make you aware of some of my favourite Small Outdoor Businesses. Because being outside is great! A lot of outdoor gear is made to last anyway but there are a few companies that, in my opinion, make gear that you just want to hold onto, that you want to incorporate into your everyday life or even hang up on your wall! Check out some of my favourite brands below!

10 Outdoor Brands Not to Miss This Small Business Saturday via Bee + Roo (www.beeandroo.com) - Badger Balm Sleep Balm

Badger Balm

I only just found out about this brand but am already in love with this brand. Nothing beats organic cosmetics that really are good for your skin. Even better if they are nicely packaged. Their balms seem to be some of the bestsellers, by the way!

Don't miss: The Sleep Balm has earned its' spot on my nightstand.


Designed, made, and sold directly from the HQ in the English Peak District. With little marketing but great attention to quality and detail this brand may not be too well known but definitely one to remember. We recently had the chance to take a closer look at their gear at the Kendal Mountain Festival and both loved it.

Don't miss: Their Lampray comes with us on every adventure and will hang in our tent to give us light or charge our phones. These guys also write up a great newsletter and journal that you need to subscribe to!


Sleeping bags these days are very high performance but what about your blanket? Rumpl want to make what comes "After it" - whether this is an adventure, work or fishing trip - comfortable. So they have made a range of blankets to help you bring the outdoors inside or take with you when you head into the backcountry.

Don't miss: I wouldn't say no to their Down Puffy Blanket in the colder months. Just take one look to see how you can pack it down! Yes, please!

10 Outdoor Brands Not to Miss This Small Business Saturday via Bee + Roo (www.beeandroo.com) -Topo Designs Accessory Bag

Topo Designs

Fun colours, handy organising options. These guys have it all. I got one of these guys's accessory bags as part of a secret santa and keep my knitting needles in there. But I'd happily have a whole bunch to store all of my little bits and pieces in there. I also love the rest of their gear though!

Don't miss: Check out the Klettersack, you probably saw this on Pinterest before!

The Landmark Project

These guys make clothing inspired by some of the greatest places on earth. My only problem is that I couldn't decide between the Rocky Mountains, Yellowstone or Yosemite. And then there are a few more options. Like jumpers and hoodies for example...

Don't miss: Another favourite of mine is the What Doesn't Kill You print. But then I do love them all.

Miscellaneous Adventures

Wood, a beautiful material for... well, just about anything. While Miscellaneous Adventures stocks a range of items, I think their carved wood pieces are absolutely phenomenal. Have you ever seen or used a wooden coffee cup? I wonder if it would adopt a lovely coffee stain....

Don't miss: If you get the chance to join one, these guys' workshops sound great fun! Adam loves the Axcellent Adventure one.


We don't actually currently own any Jöttnar gear but the small collection that this British brand make looks absolutely beautiful. Everything is reasonably priced for the quality it seems, so if you are branching out, consider taking a look at what they make!

Don't miss: The Fjörm down jacket is beautiful in Oxidised Red.

10 Outdoor Brands Not to Miss This Small Business Saturday via Bee + Roo (www.beeandroo.com) -United by Blue Plaid Flannel Shirt

United by Blue

My favourite flannel shirt is by United by Blue who are sold at Cotswold Outdoor in the UK. But what I really love is their Outdoor + Home collection. We'd love to add some of their pieces to our flat. Like the enamel mugs, axes (they are actually really nice) or candles.

Don't miss: I am currently living in the Eldora plaid. It's so cozy!

Chia Charge

These are probably - hands down - Adam's current favourite snack bars. So far we have only tried the Original and Banana but Ad's keen to get one of their sample packs and taste the rest of their range. The fun bit? Check out the timer at the top of the page for the next dispatch! How fun is that?

Don't miss: If you try just one flavour try the Original Flapjack. Yum!

Sanborn Canoe

Out of this list, this has got to be the biggest splurge, but at the same time a piece of art as well. I'd happily hang one of the Sanborn paddles up on my wall and owning one of their Canoes would be an absolute dream!

Don't miss: I can't really decide but the Gooseberry paddle is just perfect, isn't it?