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1 / 52 via Bee + Roo (beeandroo.com) On a normal Saturday morning, we would not set an alarm to get up. Yesterday, however, we were up by 8 filling steaming hot coffee into our Klean Kanteen mugs and heading out the door on a photo mission. We had hoped for frost but the day turned out to be much milder than anticipated. It was overcast and even turned a bit misty and very atmospheric when we arrived at the beach.

Working with this camera has been an absolute pleasure. I must have accidentally pressed the Fn button dozens of time and realised that I have to do quite a bit more reading to get used to the new options I have. But the size, the brightness, the angle are all absolutely amazing!

I really enjoy the creative challenge of working with a prime lens too. Not being able to zoom straight into a further away object but actually having to move with the camera makes me feel much more involved with the process. Not that a zoom lens isn't great, it's just a different experience.

I chose this specific lens because when I initially considered upgrading my camera I wanted one thing: to have a more compact, yet better quality device. "Your best camera is the one you have on you" is a quote I read a lot when doing my research. This 35mm has got to be one of this camera's smallest lenses (if not the smallest). It is not the widest or cheapest but it's the one I am happiest to bring when all we are doing is to go out on a long walk.

Longer term I look forward to experimenting more, obviously. I'd love to have a play with a ultra wide angle, a great quality macro lens or even a telephoto zoom. That's for a later date though. Right now, I'll enjoy practicing with what I've got.

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