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Notice anything new? If you've been following us for a while then you might be surprised to see a freshly updated blog theme on here. In time for this year of adventures to really kick off we wanted to up our game a bit and be able to deliver our photos (and videos too, soon!) in all their glory. Last week we started slow by walking down the path closest to our front door. This week, however, we broke free a little bit more and drove over to the New Forest area. That's where we took this photo which you'll now find as part of our blurb in the sidebar on the homepage. Below the blurb you'll also see our brand new Newsletter sign up! To everyone in marketing: we've made it to 2017! Yay!

What else has changed, you ask?

Well, to be fair it's still a bit of a work in progress, but we are working on it steadily and are hoping to get more features up and running soon. In the future we are hoping to:

  • introduce a gear page to better share our knowledge with you
  • add some video footage here and there, maybe the odd vlog or some action shots
  • we'll also be able to post whole galleries to be able to let you see all of the best parts of our adventures
  • and finally we may be working on a feature to be released later on in 2017. Want a hint? It's got something to do with our photos!

Right, this is it. We're super excited to show you the new look and are looking forward to hearing all of your feedback to make this place even better in the future. Also, excuse the odd glitch, we're still testing redirect links, updating featured images and the likes. If you find something just leave a comment or shoot us a message on one of our social media channels (links below!).


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