3 + 4 / 52

We’re back! As you might have seen, if you follow us on Instagram, we just returned from a ski trip to Zell am See in Austria. We had an absolutely fantastic time (more about that very soon) and got the chance to take a little break from the internet because our hotel (un)fortunately didn’t have WiFi in the rooms. So, today it’s time to play catch up on our weekly photos: Skiing in Zell am See (3 +4 / 52) via beeandroo.com

We found the first photo location by chance when we skied down into the valley in the early afternoon one day. At this time of the day most of the run was not in the sun anymore which made it quite hard to see contrasts. Since it hadn’t snowed at all last week there were some patches of ice on these lower runs and the best way to avoid these was to stay to one side of the slope. Half way down a particularly steep bit Adam stopped because he noticed a golden glow in the trees. It was magical and we were quite proud to have found a place that most people wouldn’t even notice as they passed by. Adam took the opportunity to ski just off the piste and I had a play with the camera.

Skiing in Zell am See (3 +4 / 52) via beeandroo.com

We now really started paying attention to as of yet unskied side-country spots. One of our favourite runs (21 - you might have heard us talk about it in one of the Instagram stories) leads down the back of the mountain. Aside from some itinerary’s that will eventually connect Zell am See to the Saalbach-Hinterglemm resorts there is not very much around here. As you can imagine we spent a lot of time here. Who wouldn’t love largely empty pistes and almost deserted gondolas? We’ll be sharing some action shots soon but for now look at the second photo which we took just off of this run. We followed the sunlight until we found it shining through the pines. Chasing the light and moving with a prime lens can lead to some very special photos I think.

As Adam wrote in one of our last Instagram captions it’s so worth it to take in everything around you. Notice the light and how it shines through trees but also notice the ice crystals on top of a layer of snow or the tracks of animals that previously hunted in a location.

Now that we’re back we’ve got quite a few posts lined up for you over the next few days and weeks. Make sure to subscribe or follow our social media channels to stay updated!