3 Backcountry Podcasts You Need to Listen to Right Now

3 Backcountry Podcasts You Need to Listen to Right Now via Bee and Roo I love Podcasts. I'll listen to them when I have idle time at work, when I am tidying or driving to kill some time. I find them easier than an audiobook and there is just so many out there. Today I want to share the three podcasts with you that I have been listening to most recently. Please leave a comment letting me know about any others that you think I should try next!

Roll With Me by Tiny House, Tiny Footprint

Tiny House, Tiny Footprint is a blog written by Kathleen and Greg. Reading about them struck a cord because Greg describes how he only really got to know Kathleen in a camper van (which they share with their two dogs as well!). We've had similar experiences when we went camping so I can completely relate to this experience. Their podcast features those who also decided to convert and live in a van. I can't wait for the newest episode.

Or my own van.

An episode to start with? Jace & Giddi in a Sprinter Van

She Explores

She Explores is for and about women in the outdoors. One of the newest members is fellow blogger Erin but the team is made up of women from all sorts of backgrounds including rangers, artists, you name it. I love that the ladies behind She Explores aren't afraid of discussing serious topics such as diversity and inclusion.

You shouldn't miss: Episode 11: Adventuring with Kids (featuring the Born Wild Project cofounders!)

The Dirtbag Diaries

These guys are curators of stories, funny ones, thought provoking ones, serious ones. Chances are you have already listened to these guys if you are a fan of Podcasts because Fitz and his team have been around for a solid ten years now! How exciting is that?

A great starting point: The Ultimate Weekend Warrior

Let me know what you think about these and be sure to leave a comment telling me about your favourite podcasts!