Currently Loving, Eating, and Enjoying

Wow, that was an exciting start to the new year! We've been super lucky to have a really good first week filled with exciting new announcements in the outdoors and gear sector, new tech gadgets to make life more fun and a few other things along the way. Without further ado, let's jump straight in! Currently I'm...

Currently loving: a little round up via Bee + Roo (


If you follow our Facebook you will have already seen this but we bought a new camera. In fact we have two new camera and filming devices but the second one is still being held by UPS somewhere in Southampton. More about that later though! The first exciting piece of technology is the Sony a7ii, a travel sized, entry-level, full-frame and mirrorless camera by Sony. Get ready to see the photo quality on here improve big time! Literally. This machine takes big shots.

Since there is no way I'll be able to jump from talking about cameras to talking about this next topic in a smooth way let's jump straight in: I've also been practicing Yoga every day of this year. I've been following Adriene's Revolution of Yoga program in which she hosts a session every day throughout the month of January. The videos will all be uploaded to her YouTube channel.

Listening To

I've been absolutely loving playing Jeremy Loops' music and dancing around our little living room. His songs are actually playing right now. A few of my favourites are Sinner and Higher Stakes. His style is great and always brings a smile to my face. Also, how cool is his choice of clothing? Digging it!

Cooking (and Eating)

I've been on a cooking kick lately, making healthy foods and having enough to keep an extra portion or two in the fridge or freezer for week day lunches. I found this Spiced Vegan Lentil Soup (perfect if you are doing Veganuary) and loved it. This is completely random but I love that the recipe does not require any additional seasoning beyond what is listed. Everything is measured out perfectly.


With CES on in Las Vegas it's been a crazy exciting week for gear. Not just have Garmin listened to all us ladies with smaller wrists and announced their new Fenix 5 which is not just smaller but also comes in some beautiful colours, but they also brought out mapping for the higher end version of this device. Eeeek! Instead of linking you to the Garmin page, check out Ray Maker's first review on these!

In other news Osprey have officially launched their new Duro running series. These are some revolutionary packs that are incredibly comfortable and unlike any other running pack you might have seen before. Adam will be able to tell you more about them.