A Short Walk Amongst Tall Trees

When I see big, old, gnarly trees I can't help but think of a story to fit their appearance. "He must be the wise one" would fit an old oak or "he must have had a falling out with his twin" when the stump suddenly splits in two close to the ground.

Last weekend, when we shot the photos for the Osprey review we went to the Blackwater Tall Trees Trail in the New Forest, down here in the South of England.  We came across this by chance when we randomly chose to pull into the Blackwater car parking space and looked for the next trail.

The Tall Trees Walk is 1.5 miles stroll, short and flat, with an additional little loop if you take the time to visit the Blackwater Arboretum. I highly recommend both. In terms of services, you will find not only free parking (a £2 donation is suggested) but also free public bathrooms, benches and picnic tables. If you want, you can download an interesting and informative podcast from the Forestry Commission site.

We took it very nice and steady. Probably spent the better part of two hours out here taking photos, hugging trees, breathing in fresh air and staring up into the canopy far above. To name a few highlights the Arboretum has some of the UK's tallest Sequoia trees. These are truly massive, I can only imagine how old they are. I also loved feeling the lichen and moss that turned the forest floor a lush green, even in January.

I highly, highly recommend a trip to the New Forest if you make it to this part of the world. Maybe you walk on this same trail or maybe you find a different one. There's plenty out there! We'll be sure to go back very soon and will take you along again for our next day out!

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