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Look at these fellas all looking in the same direction! They put a massive grin on my face at the end of yesterday’s walk. We headed down to the New Forest again to go stroll along the waterfront - just across from the Isle of Wight. This is a beautiful location and an easily accessible walk that you can shorten or lengthen as you please. But more about that soon. The windchill at the water made it feel very, very cold, but we had bundled up in down layers and wind shells and had the best time! We also took a bunch of photos that will be coming up on here soon. To get a sneak preview, make sure to follow our Instagram where we will be uploading a small selection over the course of the next week (starting today).

To warm up after our walk we went to The Village Coffee Pot in Milford on Sea for some tea and snacks. If you are in the area and are looking for some simple but good food I recommend you try their cheese, onion and pickle brown bread toasty - yum! Or, for a non-vegetarian option, the sausage baguette was approved by Adam as well.

What have you been up to this weekend? Share your adventures or inspiration in the comments below so I can gather some ideas for the next one. I'm already plotting and still want to go to places that have more wildlife that I can shoot with my 35mm prime lens (birds are usually not an option unless they are close, big and relatively friendly like the ones above). Any recommendations on this? And also, obviously, what are your favourite tea and coffee shops in the area? You can obviously never have enough of those to visit either.

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