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7 - 52 via Bee + Roo (beeandroo.com) It's the middle of February and the temperatures have risen high enough for us to head outside without our jackets on. I am enjoying the warm air and clear blue skies we've been treated with but I am also missing winter. It's absolutely brilliant living by the seaside but if I could also combine this with living somewhere that gets a decent layer of snow that would be awesome!

Adam and I bought ourselves some longboard this week. I saw more and more people casually riding longboards by the sea and it looked like so much fun so I wanted to give it a go as well. So, yesterday after work we headed out to a quiet back road to take our two new boards for a little spin.

The good news is, longboarding is in essence pretty easy. It feels stable and intuitive. Some of the movements are very similar to windsurfing. Which is another sport I am alright at. I also like the feeling of being very close to the ground. Going down a slight slope is very good fun and I am starting to get the hang of going left and right as well. Or mostly right for now, but left will come soon too, I'm sure.

I learned that I feel a lot more comfortable riding "goofy" which means pushing with my left foot which seems odd considering I am righthanded. But I guess I prefer standing on my right foot and having it as a "safer backup option" in case I do fall. I'd much rather know that if all else fails I still have my right side to rely on. It's the same as riding clipless. I will always unclip on my left side first. How do you do it? Do you lead with your left or right side?

So, if you have any longboarding tipps or tricks then send them our way. In the meantime, you can find us cruising (or pretending to) along the seafront. Yay!

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