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How is it Sunday again already? This week's been great. In case you've missed it we posted a new gear review and are almost ready to launch our gear page (stay tuned!). Other than that we are working on our climbing game again. When we still lived in London we used to go bouldering at the very least once a week but when we first moved to Dorset we were initially a bit underwhelmed by the local climbing gym. It wasn't that there aren't enough routes or problems to work on. But, the fact that there was no clear grading just seemed very odd. Back in London we would work on routes of a certain grade and then try to push ourselves to get better, maybe advance and climb something harder. It was easy to identify what route might be harder than another.

Now, there aren't really grades. We have figured out that a lot of the routes with black holds are quite comfortable handholds and relatively easy and that yellow, for example tends to offer a lot less to hold on to. But that is about it. It took a few weeks of coming back here with friends and colleagues to get back into the climbing mindset. And all of a sudden we're loving it again. Maybe, as they say at this gym, not having grades does help the climber to try something he wouldn't otherwise give a go. On the other hand I still find that I spend a lot of time looking at a wall and studying every route to pick one out that I might like.

Anyway, we pushed it quite hard on Friday and needed a day or so to recover. Come Monday we'll be back at it and the gym will even get a full reset. If only they would leave a couple of problems up that we hadn't quite figured out yet and didn't have enough strength for anymore at the end of the day on Friday...

What are your plans for the upcoming week? Let us know in the comments section below!

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