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It's week 10 - we're into the double digits already. This week has been a travel week for both of us. I got to go up to London twice while Adam departed on a work trip around Europe. He is touring a few countries but was lucky enough to get in a long day of skiing and (very kindly) taking photos in the Alps - lucky him! This is one of the photos he has sent me from today. It's making me finally want to have a go at backcountry skiing myself next winter. I'll be sure to share the experience with you all.

In other news, make sure to head on over to the blog's homepage to get a first look at our recently launched second navigation. You should see three little images that can take you all sorts of fun places on or off Bee and Roo! One thing you might spot there is our brand new gear page.

This is definitely still a massive work in project and we'll be writing a separate blog post about it very soon. In essence, we want to provide you with a place to find not just our gear reviews but also the gear we both use and love on a day to day basis. There is going to be a lot of categories to cover so we are still playing around with the perfect layout. Do let us know if you have requests or ideas on how to make this as useful for you - the reader - as possible.

The goal for the next week is to add separate lists of each of our personal favourites as well as generate a lot more product links and write short blurbs. After that we are going to be adding a lot more reviews for you also. Some of the upcoming posts are likely to include our Arc'terys Atom LTs as well as the Patagonia Houdini jackets. But more on that very very soon.

For now, I hope you have a fantastic week. Leave a comment below and let us know what you think about the

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