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Happy Sunday again! This weekend we've been blessed with temperatures up to 14 degrees celsius and sunshine. We've also had some wind but that didn't stop us from taking a stroll around the harbour and even a very windy cycle around Poole's waterfront yesterday. We've ended the weekend with our first ice cream cones of the year and catching up on some of our favourite shows on Netflix. Nothing to complain about there.

New Content!

Other than that, we've published a new gear review on the Arc'teryx Beta SL jacket which is one of my favourite waterproof pieces that I own and I've written up another two review posts that will come up soon - we're just missing some photos there so stay tuned.

We've also expanded the gear section a bit further. Feel free to leave us with your feedback so we can make it as awesome as possible.

Exciting Reads

I've also been doing more reading lately. I finally finished the ficitonal Soldier Son trilogy by Robin Hobb which was beautifully written as all of her books but just a little bit slow for my liking. I also read Natasha Pulley's debut novel The Watchmaker of Filigree Street which I did enjoy.

As for non-fiction I've been doing some research on Climbing technique and found the Learn to Train series on Climbing very interesting and resourceful.

Gear News

I have just upgraded my climbing shoes to something a little bit more aggressive. I am now wearing the La Sportiva Katana Laces which I'll get to try some more tomorrow. My first impression is very good but my feet need to get used to being a lot more crammed inside my shoes. I do feel instantly more secure on smaller holds though and that's doing a lot for my bouldering.

I've also been living in a few trusty Patagonia pieces. For climbing I've been loving their Venga rock pants. For weather protection the Houdini jacket has been in my bag on every outing this week and for day-to-day I've been wearing my Better Sweater every. single. day.

Coming Up

And, I think, that's about it for this week! I want to make these weekly posts a bit more exciting so I have been changing up the format a bit but am still looking for the perfect structure. Leave your ideas below, if you have any! Next week our bike ride club starts again and we're also back to the bouldering gym to have a play on some of the competition routes that were set up last week. That should be exciting.

Other than that, stay tuned for the aforementioned reviews!


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