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The last seven days have required a lot of strength from everyone in my family. It reminded me again how different people deal with stress and how much "turning off" has grown on me. I now crave being outside and disconnected from the hustle and bustle of city life. Going back to Dorset after a couple of nights in busy London always seems like such a blessing.

We've been super lucky to have a few sunny hours yesterday and today to go on our first bike ride together this year and a walk later on in the afternoon. That's where this photo was taken, a few hours before the sun set. Living a short walk away from the beach is wonderful. And it's fantastic seeing so many people out and about enjoying the sunshine.

Anyway, in case you missed it, a new post about my bike fit has gone up this week and I already have a photo story ready for early next week so stay tuned for that to come up very soon.

The next two weeks will be a bit frantic for both of us with work travel and other trips. After that I am praying that life will quickly go back to normal and that we can get a holiday booked in somewhere nice.

What have you been up to last week and have you got anything exciting coming up in the next few days? Anything you are looking forward to especially?

I wish you all a fantastic start to the new week, make it a great one!


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