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Welcome to the warmer days. It's been a sunny weekend down in South-West England. Most of it anyway because yesterday we managed to get caught in rain that we weren't prepared for at all. We'd checked the weather forecast before heading out to Wimborne and it looked like it was going to be mostly cloudy and fairly warm. But, within minutes, probably seconds of leaving the house it started raining. On any other day out we'd bring at least an emergency waterproof but yesterday our only choice was to find a café and grab a little breakfast while waiting for the rain to stop. This was actually our second ever trip to Wimborne, the first one having been earlier this week on a bike ride. Our weekly bike club started again now that the days are longer so we leisurely rode across to Wimborne and into the countryside. It's nice and flat there so if you are looking for somewhere to ride your bike without too much effort do go and explore the area. Anyway, having cycled through Wimborne we thought it would be a great idea to come back on the weekend and go for a wander. We'd definitely recommend it. The photo of the week above is from outside of Wimborne Minster.

Other than that, we've spent quite a lot of time bouldering before the next scheduled resets happen at the gym. I've made a lot of progress on building strength and got some nice heel hooks in while Adam mastered a couple of tricky overhangs that required a lot of control and precise footwork.

New on the Blog

Adam posted our latest photo story this week where he took you along on his recent backcountry ski trip to the Dolomites.

For the next few weeks we've got a few bouldering specific gear reviews coming up so stay tuned for those!

Recent Reads

I hope you've all had reason to laugh on April Fool's Day? We shared our favourite funny gear news over on the Facebook page.

Other than that, Adam shared this article on a new range of climbing emojis coming to devices near you in the future and I enjoyed this simple but great comparison of cheaper and more expensive waterproofs. And on a less outdoorsy note, I started reading one of the books that Adam recommended to me: Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist. Let me know how you liked this if you have read it!

Outdoor Entertainment

Finally, after having recently asked for film recommendations on Twitter, no other than Alastair Humphrey recommended we watch the Barkley Marathon film on Netflix which I enjoyed. It also lead me to this adventure film list that he's shared over on his blog. We're working on our own version but Valley Uprising and Meru are two on there that we definitely enjoyed!

And, that's a wrap for the week. I hope you had a good one. If you have any recent reads, films or other product news you want to share leave a comment below!


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