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Happy sunny Sunday everyone! I am writing this week's round-up from the garden, sipping on a cup of coffee. I've spent all week in London and while I would have much preferred soaking in the sun on the beach Adam and I tried to make the best of it. Adam actually managed to get in a night under the stars on Thursday when he went camping and took the sunset photo above. Then, back in London we made sure to get around to all the things we always try to do in the city: stock up on essentials, go out for a burger or to the pub and just wander around the shops for a bit.

This morning we had breakfast at GAIL's in Wimbledon which was great. We each had one of their greek yoghurt pots (with berries for me and passion fruit and chia for Adam) and some excellent iced coffee. If you are looking for a nice café chain in London I would recommend you check them out.

Other than that, a post on the Patagonia Venga Rock climbing trousers has gone up earlier this week and we've enjoyed reading the articles and book below:

Recent Reads

Petzl acrobatics at work: You might or might not know that aside from the Petzl Sport range there's also an entire professional range of gear? This gallery illustrates some of the ways that people use their equipment.

40 of the most significant tools ever invented: Adam found this article which lists 40 iconic pieces of gear that have - in one way or another - changed the world. Most of them I would 100% agree with. Some are even on my wishlist: the Patagonia Nano Air for example or even the new iPhone because my phone is struggling to keep up and has seen better days. I did say that I would add a torch like the Petzl ZOOM to the list. What are your thoughts?

The Alchemist: Adam lent me this book for my London trip and I had finished it two days later. The Alchemist is a beautiful story and I am not surprised that it's been translated into so many languages and has been so popular. If you are looking for a book to read do give this one a go!

Finally, a topic that we talked about while walking through Wimbledon Park this morning: what are your essential clothing or gear items when you are travelling? Let us know in the comments!

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